Season 2 is almost here. Listen to a preview!

This year, we’re exploring the life and work of spiritually courageous Friends like Bayard Rustin. We’re delving into burning questions about Quakerism. We’re going inside Quaker meetings across the U.S. and the world. And we’ll introduce you to new voices!

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Hello, everyone! I’m Georgia Sparling.


And I’m Jon Watts.


We’re the co-hosts of Thee Quaker Podcast. And we have an announcement.


Should I say it? Do you want to say it?


I’ll say it. Season 2 is almost here!


Yeah it’s almost here.


And if you haven’t listened to us before, this is a podcast about…well, Quakers.


Quakers, yeah. Also known as The Religious Society of Friends.


I’m the resident non-Quaker here to ask a lot of questions.


Right and I’m a lifelong Quaker. I’m here to help answer some of them, but I also have a lot of questions.


On the show, we explore the many forms that Quakerism takes.


We tell the stories of Quakers from past and present and how Quakerism has shaped them and moved them to do some big things.


And we explore the burning questions about Quakerism. 


Questions that don’t always have easy answers. 

Maggie Fiori  

And then suddenly, we were still and like, there were there was this like vibration between all of us. And people were sharing out of like, a far more vulnerable place than if we had just like, walked down the street and walked in and sat down. That was really incredible. 


We’re going to look at some of the areas where Quakerism is thriving and explore some of the challenges, too.

Isabel Penraeth

I’d read all this Quaker stuff and what was weird to me about the old Quaker stuff, they described my spiritual experience exactly…But then when I tried to talk to other Quakers about it, they hadn’t had those experiences, and they had explanations for why what happened for the old Quakers doesn’t happen anymore. 


We’ll share stories of spiritual courage.

David Heartsough  

That was the most challenging two days in my life. People came up and spat at us. They put lit cigarettes down our backs. And each time something like this would happen, we will try to respond in a nonviolent, loving way.


We’ll explore the lives of groundbreaking Quaker activists.

Michael Long  

Bayard Rustin was the brilliant strategist of the Black Civil Rights Movement. And he was somebody who had been pushed into the margins because of his gay sexuality. 


And we’ll have some lighthearted stuff, too.

Max Carter  

As in anything, Quaker, ask five Quakers, you’ll get six different opinions. 


Season 2 begins February 14. 


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Recorded by Georgia Sparling and Jon Watts and edited by Georgia.

Original music and sound design by Jon Watts (Listen to more of Jon’s music here.)

Mastered by Studio D.

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  1. Wonderful series of programs. So informative. My wife and I attended the Quaker or Friends for 15 years and it was like being home but she died in 1988 and i drifted away. Looking for a new way to connect.

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