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Thee Quaker Podcast brings stories of spiritual courage to your ears.

Quakers (aka the Religious Society of Friends) have always wrestled with big questions in their search for spiritual truth. Thee Quaker Podcast is a continuation of that 400-year-old tradition — we’re digging deep to search for innovative stories that explore themes of faith, conviction, and doubt.

George Fox, one of the founders of Quakerism, believed there was “that of God” in everyone, and a “great people to be gathered.” Whether you are a lifelong Quaker, seeking a spiritual home, or simply passing by out of curiosity, we know you will find something that speaks to you in our podcast feed every week.

Trust us… for a group of people known for sitting quietly in worship, things can get kind of wild.

Quakers initially used the second person “Thee” as a rebellion against social and spiritual hierarchy. Over time it transformed into a term of endearment.

The name “Quaker” was given to us as an insult. Friends expressed our spiritual power so strongly we were physically moved. Today, we feel that anyone who speaks with conviction from a deeply inspired place is an honorary Quaker.

So the name THEE QUAKER PODCAST was chosen carefully. It both describes what we are making and also our approach to making it. Someday it may be your turn to sit across from us as we ask, “What canst thou say, thee Quaker?”

That’s James Nayler. 

Naylor was an early Quaker who doesn’t get talked about much because he’s generally considered an embarrassment to the early movement. But we think his story is worth exploring, as it raises questions essential to Quaker theology:

-If Christ is in all of us what does that mean for the individual? What is the community’s role? 

-Where is the boundary between courageousness and foolishness? 

-As a de-centralized religion focused on the collective experience, what is our relationship to charismatic leaders?

We recognize that choosing a single person to be the face of our ensemble Quaker podcast is problematic. That’s why we’ll change the face every so often, in anticipation of upcoming stories.

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Our Team

Jon Watts
Co-host & Executive Producer

Jon Watts is a Quaker media creator and spiritual entrepreneur. As a songwriter, Jon toured the world sharing stories of the Early Friends and his own spiritual journey growing up in a Quaker intentional community and attending the Quaker Leadership Scholars Program at Guilford College.

Jon’s unique success promoting his music in the early days of Youtube led him to found the QuakerSpeak project, for which he spent six years traveling, interviewing Friends, and publishing a video every week. In 2021, Jon embarked on a new journey: envisioning a future for Friends and online media.

Jon Watts is a member of Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, which holds his ministry under its care.

Georgia Sparling
Co-host & Producer

Georgia Sparling is a multimedia journalist from the Deep South. She has written for print and online publications in Shanghai, China, Mississippi, and Massachusetts.

Before joining Thee Quaker Podcast, Georgia created and produced the award-winning Why We Write podcast and an award-winning newsletter at Lesley University.

As part of Christian communities since high school, Georgia has long been interested in exploring stories at the intersection of faith and culture — especially when they take unexpected turns.

When not podcasting, Georgia is usually practicing pottery, reading, or making something in the kitchen.

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