Who we are

Thee Quaker Podcast is part of Thee Quaker Project, a Quaker media organization with a focus on lifting up voices of spiritual courage and giving Quakers a platform in 21st century media. 

We want the podcast to have broad appeal. While many in our audience are practicing Quakers, we have many seekers and Quaker-curious listeners and we hope to attract many more this season.

This season, we are asking for pitches for 7-10 minute segments that fit into our upcoming themed episodes:

  • Quakers and Dating
  • What do Quakers believe?
  • Quakers and Death/Dying
  • Do Quakers Drink Alcohol?

Before you pitch

  1. Please listen to a few episodes of the podcast to get a feel for how our thematic episodes unfold. (Try Who Are Modern Quakers? and Quakers and the Internet)
  2. Review our core values and check them against your story idea.
  3. Pre-interview or touch base with your subjects.
  4. Send us two to three paragraphs about your story including:
  • The idea behind your pitch
  • The narrative arc or how you plan to unfold the story
  • Anticipated voices and interview sources you plan to include
  • Links to 1-2 other audio segments you’ve produced

Greenlit stories

Once a story is approved, we will go through a series of reviews and edits to refine and polish the piece. 

  1. Submit rough script with sample tape (if possible) for review
  2. Live reading and feedback with Thee Quaker Podcast staff
  3. Track piece and submit with one to two additional reviews

*Note: We do our own scoring, mixing and mastering and would only ask for you to provide music if it is specific to the storytelling.

If you have any questions, please email us at producer@quakerpodcast.com.